I tend to get a lot of questions regarding meditation. People approach me, usually with the best intentions, wondering how to get started and how it will never work for them, claiming their minds being to unruly to tame. Unrealistic expectations is what is at play here, as meditation, like most things in life, is a matter of discipline and exercise. I certainly didn’t start off sitting in silence for 30 mins right away, but built up to it in 5 minute increments over time. But it’s easy to get the impression, since meditation is the current buzzword and touted as the cure for all ills, that it’s a piece of cake. Well, it isn’t, and I know a few of the foremost mediums in the world who don’t like to meditate. Also one should be realistic of what meditation can achieve. The outlandish claims I sometimes read in spiritual publications are both laughable and concerning. Scientific American had a great issue out a couple of years on the documented benefits of meditation.

In addition, there is so many variations on meditations, it can be difficult to know where to start. I usually recommend guided meditations for novices. There’s a plethora of them on Youtube and Spotify. Many of them are aimed towards psychic and mediumship development. If I were to recommend one for budding mediums, I’d pick this one by Linda Hopkins (even though it’s long, but one can easily lay down while listening to it): https://open.spotify.com/album/2eyYUxzEnYUzLeGzaCrHCs