Meditation can be a rather daunting endeavor initially, so I thought I’d do something simple for a first post of this kind, I mean, meditation is always simple, really. So find yourself a quiet and comfy spot. Sit in silence, and clear your mind of cluttering thoughts. They will keep coming at you, which is alright. The key is not to get caught up in them. In this context, they’re just brain ghosts, disturbing your repose. Then envision yourself enveloped in a soft bright light. At first, this might be tricky – in particular if you’re not used to visualization. Stay here for a while. Feel the light heal you. You might sense or see a presence in this light, perhaps an angel has a message for you. Listen. When you feel reinvigorated enough, let the bright light fade, and then slowly awaken your body and open up your eyes.

Don’t force yourself to feel or see anything, especially if you’re a complete novice. Just sitting in silence, quieting down the mind is good enough in the early stages. The rest will come naturally with time. Plus, not everybody is going to want to communicate with otherworldly beings, and that’s ok.