Sometimes life happens. Yes, I know that as a psychic, there’s an expectation of being all-knowing. but that’s far removed from reality (as I discussed in a previous post). And often, in line with strong precognition, events unfold against one’s hopes and wishes. Maybe it’s destiny at play, if such a thing even exists. We’re so drilled to believe in free will, when the complete opposite might be the case. Honestly, who really knows the forces of this universe. Even the best of us are only able to catch glimpses of the great divine, and anybody claiming otherwise is probably not being very sincere. But that’s not what this post was going to be about. Rather, feeling inspired by this sudden change of season (going from winter cold to summer warm in a matter of days), I decided to revamp my website. Actually, last night’s psychic circle further contributed to this boost of energy. It honestly helps a lot to be part of such a tight-knitted community of extraordinarily positive and loving individuals. So a aside from a redesign, I’m also looking into finally realizing some of my visions regarding this space, but more on that later.