It seems silly to keep producing posts on one’s return to blogging, and then…nothing. But in this void, there’s room for introspection and improvement. Or at least I think there is. Because a lot has transpired since my last post, It has forced me reevaluate this space, or rather its purpose. My intention is to put together more practical posts related to spiritual development and resources. That is why I removed the DIY section of my website, with the objective of implementing it here. Some life lessons recently, however unpleasant, made me reconsider my skills and how to best employ them. I should be able to channel a lifetime of experience and studies into something interesting. Also, my horoscopes, in all kinds of different publications, used to be popular, but for some reason I decided to drop astrology altogether last year. It certainly was a mistake, one of many. In my defense, it’s been a stressful and somewhat confusing year. Staying focused can be challenging in the face of great change, despite the protection as well as calling of my spirit guides and angels. But here goes nothing, so expect some new posts soon. In the meanwhile, feel free to say a prayer or make a wish to the goddess below. Share with her your innermost desires and thoughts, let her love fill you. smiley