I used to buy a lot of tarot cards, was a bit of a –holic about it – even got this rare three part encyclopedia on the subject: https://www.amazon.com/Encyclopedia-Tarot-Vol-1/dp/0913866113. But those days are alas gone. Or alas not so much. I know that a lot of my spiritual peers prefer the physicality of a solid deck of cards, but I feel the opposite. Like with books, where I rather read them on my iPad, I also favor digital tarot cards. There’s a collective gasp at this point, I’m sure, but honestly: how many of us lug around tarots cards all day and everywhere? Meanwhile I‘m pretty sure most of us are glued to our phones. That’s why tarot apps make sense, turning one of our favorite divination tools available instantly anywhere. Yes, think about it.

Now, finding a decent tarot app in this current jungle of esoteric software is a hassle, and it took me a while to procure the perfect one: Beautiful Tarot (not sponsored – though I’d love if it was!). It might sound ostentatious to claim such a thing, but in terms of functionality, it offers the widest and most realistic tarot experience. My favorite feature about it is being able to freestyle spreads, drawing as many cards as one wish (shuffling is done by the press of a button). For those who prefer set layouts, the app includes nine of those (none of which I’ve used so far). The selection of decks is slightly lacking, with only three available – something that might not appeal to everybody. In particular since they are the most “basic” set of cards: Rider Waite Smith, Tarot de Marseille, and the Charles V!. I love it, though, as I tend to stick with the Rider Waite Smith one, the foremost inspiration for the majority of our modern Tarot decks.

Each card comes with a few keywords, leaving the reader with the possibility to add their own interpretations to them. There’s also an option to allow reversed cards, if one is so inclined. Once done, a reading can be emailed, which is a great feature. It sure beats taking a screenshot and then adding it to another app. Considering all this functionality provided in a single app, it’s a straight-up bargain – 3.99 USD! There are no in-app purchases, but it’s all included for this absurdly low price. I highly recommend you to try it: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/beautiful-tarot/id320512305?mt=8 Without exaggerating, it’s one of my favorite apps of all times, so of course it deserves nothing but 5 stars out of 5.