As I’m vacationing currently – hence the absence of recent blog posts, I took some time to gaze into the sky for insight about the coming month. Venus starting to traverse backwards first through Scorpio and then her native Libra could affect interpersonal relationships on a global level. On a global level it could have an impact on arts and culture, where public funding is cut or harder to obtain. Politics are getting more cutthroat conservative, and also more violent with Mars upsetting the otherwise rational Aquarius. However, there’s a strong counterculture to that, as the full moon occupies Taurus on Oct 24th, the sign of resistance. What the stars say about your sign follows here:

ARIES (March 21-April 19) You’ve been preoccupied with work lately, and will continue to be so throughout October. Determined as you are, your behavior could put your colleagues off and create a schism of sort. There’s a sense that they’re not at your level, and this realization could lead you to look for another job. With all this going on, your health is at jeopardy, in particular mid-month. Meditation is a great tool to alleviate some tensions. Expect some extra money towards the end the month, in particular in regards to selling something from your home. Love is currently hot and spicy, for couples and singles alike. Everything related to fertility is prominent.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Career wise, you’re probably feeling lost. Things might be better for those working in international companies, where your hard work is recognized and compensated with new opportunities. This also holds true for those in the health sector. For everybody else, work feels like a Sisyphean task. On the other hand, your love life should be very interesting this month, as in quite dynamic and throw your for a loop. Despite trying to rationalize your feelings and telling yourself that you’re in charge of them, they will most certainly betray you. Those in couples could find themselves in chronic disagreement in late October.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Perhaps tired of responsibilities and obligations, you’d rather just enjoy yourself and have fun. However, this is most likely not in the stars for you. Venus, the ruler of your house of pleasure and enjoyment, starts moving retrograde on the 5th, which will thwart your pursuit for amusement. Focus will be on domestic matters, especially in regards to motherhood and perhaps a family trip somewhere. Hence, this should be an ideal period for those already in relationships. Single geminis may experience some successful flirts. The October sky promises pleasant times at work, with a huge chance for improvement over the next few months.

CANCER (June 20-July 23) This could possibly be your month, especially in late October when the full moon occupies your house of social interactions and friendships. You should expect fulfillment both on a personal as well as a career level. At work, the stars promise acknowledgment of your accomplishments, with a possibility for promotion. It’s also an ideal time to apply for other positions. The constellations favors those in the public eye or involved with public affairs. Settled cancerians might experience relationship kerfuffle mid-month, because of financial issues. Those still looking for love are by the planets granted to find a kindred soul.

LEO (July 23-August 22) October promises to be a busy month, perhaps even a bit tumultuous. Anticipate an intense period at work, where things are less than ideal. Don’t expect to be recognized for your efforts, which should spur you on even further. All the hard work you put in will eventually pay off, where you’ll receive some good news or developments toward the end of the month. The stars also speak of a trip or two. While your career could be draining, your love life will be all spiced up – for single Leos especially. Actually, this will be building up over the next few months, bringing changes even to those in couples. Leos in love will concretize their union.

VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Happy times at work are ahead. Well, if not happy, then pleasant and smooth running. Minor glitches are part of any social environment, of course, and by the middle of the month, there’s a risk of disagreements with a few colleagues. Look at it at as a litmus test of the current office politics and use it to your advantage. Entrepreneurial Virgos and those with law related careers are planetary favored currently. However, try not to micro-manage too much, which your sign has a certain predilection for. Unexpected expenses could easily occur. Socially speaking, your agenda should be brimming with activities – mostly related to the domestic realm. App dating is advised for singles.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) The October blues is about to set in, as we’re moving into fall. Your delicate constitution is easily affected by the turn of the seasons, and makes you prone to infections. The stars are reminding you to slow down on the stress, by the means of meditation, socialization and workouts. As your ruling planet, Venus, is returning to your sign during this month because of her retrograde motion, it can cause stressful situations related to finances and housing. Also, somebody in the family might need extra care, which put further strain on you. The second half of the month should be better job wise. Unless you already are in a relationship, love might just have to wait.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Whatever you set your mind to, you’ll be able to accomplish – especially early on in October. The stars are by your side and waiting on you to act. You in the meanwhile might be too caught up in your own everyday routine to muster up the necessary energy. Preoccupied in thought, you’re likely to feel a bit stuck at the moment. The remedy is a reinvention and more entertainment. This is an ideal period to pursue further education – of any kind. Picking up a new skill will open doors down the line. At work, there might be unwelcomed changes, which could actually benefit you later on. In this sense of humdrum, at least your love life should be picking up as we approach November.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) The past few months might have felt a bit rocky, not really knowing how to relate to your circumstances. In this last quarter of 2018, this will slowly improve, as your ruling planet, the great benefactor Jupiter, is about to move out of your twelfth house. You could expect positive developments at work by mid to late October already. You’re committed to your job, which will earn you recognition and appreciation eventually. The stars speak of new opportunities related to your career, like a course, a title or even money. Financially, this should be a rather stable period. If anything, now is the time to look over your savings and how to best maximize them. Your love life will most likely stay frustrating for a while more.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Set in your ways, you let your stubbornness lead you through life. However, with Venus going retrograde through your house of career, you could feel less sure of yourself – or even a bit lost. Conflicts might easily ignite at work, due to different perspectives. Refrain from doing anything rash, but keep your cool and plot for the future. On a personal level, life should progressively get easier as we move through October. Frivolous spending is a potential problem. Free time will be spent on your hobbies and your social circle. You might even go travelling together – or plan for it. Coupled Capricorns can expect memorable moments with their significant other, while the opportune period for singles is at the end of the month.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Invigorated with sparkling planetary energy, October promises to be an improvement compared to previous months. The choices you’ve made for your career so far should be starting to pay off. Practically, this could translate into a pay rise, a promotion or new clients. The later is especially true if you have foreign connections. The current stellar constellation sanctions the home and the family. In the singles segment of the sign, the younger Aquarians will fare a lot better with Cupid than their older counterparts. Health issues are likely, and a reason to why you’ll need to take some time off of work.

PISCES (February 19-March 20) There is a lot of movement at the moment, a restless energy. You seem constantly on the run, trying to keep up with life. For now, you might be happy, but this hectic lifestyle isn’t really for a dreamer like yourself. In addition, the stars indicate that you’re generously spending money on everybody but yourself. Coupled pisces have their partner to rely on for support, while singles have the perfect opportunity to meet somebody special in the final third of October. It could happen in conjunction with a work related trip. Speaking of work, you will probably find yourself at the center of attention of your colleagues, where they turn to you for advice. Be diplomatic, as it will bear importance to your career over the next few months.