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My intention with this space is to dedicate it to matters that inspire me and are close to my heart. Hopefully others will find it meaningful as well.

Back on track (spring cleaning)

life Posted on Sat, April 21, 2018 13:58:58

Sometimes life happens. Yes, I know that as a psychic, there’s an expectation of being all-knowing. but that’s far removed from reality (as I discussed in a previous post). And often, in line with strong precognition, events unfold against one’s hopes and wishes. Maybe it’s destiny at play, if such a thing even exists. We’re so drilled to believe in free will, when the complete opposite might be the case. Honestly, who really knows the forces of this universe. Even the best of us are only able to catch glimpses of the great divine, and anybody claiming otherwise is probably not being very sincere. But that’s not what this post was going to be about. Rather, feeling inspired by this sudden change of season (going from winter cold to summer warm in a matter of days), I decided to revamp my website. Actually, last night’s psychic circle further contributed to this boost of energy. It honestly helps a lot to be part of such a tight-knitted community of extraordinarily positive and loving individuals. So a aside from a redesign, I’m also looking into finally realizing some of my visions regarding this space, but more on that later.

Late night musings

life Posted on Tue, February 20, 2018 05:58:06

I’m definitely a night owl. Always been. I appreciate the serenity of the witching hours. It’s a great time to meditate and introspect. The connection to the divine appears stronger. There is a sense of clarity. Among the things I was contemplating tonight, was what all I should include in this blog. Or rather how personal I’ll allow myself to be. Writing about my experiences could possibly help somebody else, or at the very least amuse them. However there is always the risk of oversharing, which is just awkward – and a lot tacky. I also feel that I want to share my passions, maybe do an occasional book review. The problem is that I rarely if ever read spiritual literature. Does that matter? The last book I finished was Roxane Gay’s “Bad Feminist”, in many ways a brilliant book. Her writing has helped me deal with some recent rough patches. Following “Bad Feminist” I started reading Tobias Wolff’s “In the Garden of the North American Martyrs”, which is mesmerizing in it’s portrayal of human characters and their fates. I appreciate well written books, and studied literature at the university for while. A degree in media and communication is what I ended up with, because I’ve had a passion for writing since an early age. Perhaps it’s karmical. I do believe in reincarnation, but I’m not convinced we can access memories from past lives. Or maybe we all co-exist simultaneously in a multi-dimensional universe. But what can we really tell for sure about our myriad of incarnations? I’m a bit pragmatical like that, and prefer to read science over spiritual magazines. The later tend to stick to a cliche of what spirituality is, but then there’s so few of them. My favorite weekly is The New Yorker. I also enjoy the Paris Review occasionally. Both are literary publications. It brings me back to where I started, so it could be a sign: for me to start sharing my writing. In the meanwhile, I’ll be back with a meditation – most likely tomorrow. Eventually I’ll muster enough courage to record an audio of it…