Aside from politics, social studies and spirituality, I have a huge interest in makeup and skin care. It might seem like a dichotomy, but I enjoy diversity. Also, I’m a huge YouTube junkie, on which I spend more time (so much it’s embarrassing) than on any other streaming service. I’m currently trying out their Premium service for free, offered for a period of three months. Being free from ads makes it heaven, but I’m not certain if 17USD a month really is worth it. In any case, it might be a topic for a future post, but for this current one, makeup is still the subject. Well, rather a crossover of makeup and spirituality, in this particular case, astrology. YouTube recommends me videos constantly, and the other day, there was a bunch of them of beauty gurus reviewing Wet n’ Wild’s latest release, the Zodiac Collection. It’s an assortment of products, in four bundles, representing the elements. Each has a selection of an eyeshadow, a highlighter, and a couple of lip glosses. The eyeshadow palettes look intriguing and a bit cumbersome to use, as they’re pressed together in a circular pan. I recommend you to visit for a closer look. As a double Leo (both sun sign and ascendant) I’m really loving the Fire Bundle, even though it’s doubtful I’ll get it because it’s already out of stock and also since I doubt any retailers where I live will get it.

Not sure if it’s a trend, but before laying my iPhone to rest last night, I flipped through Trendmood’s Insta story, featuring Kathleen Light’s collaboration with ColourPop, a makeup collection also labeled the Zodiac Collection. Now, if you don’t follow Trendmood, I strongly suggest you start asap, as she posts all the new releases of makeup first: Despite watching a lot of beauty influencers, I’ve never gotten into Kathleen Light’s online content. She’s immensely famous (and seem delightful), which this partnership with a very popular makeup brand proves. Judging by Trendmood’s Insta story (which you can see a collage of below), the eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous. Like Wet n’ Wild’s namesake, it too feature some sort of highlight and lip products, but they appears a lot less vibrant (judging by the photo posted on her Twitter). I really love this notion of incorporating astrology into makeup, making it a personal expression experience.