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My intention with this space is to dedicate it to matters that inspire me and are close to my heart. Hopefully others will find it meaningful as well.

Angel meditation

meditation Posted on Wed, February 21, 2018 05:39:33

Meditation can be a rather daunting endeavor initially, so I thought I’d do something simple for a first post of this kind, I mean, meditation is always simple, really. So find yourself a quiet and comfy spot. Sit in silence, and clear your mind of cluttering thoughts. They will keep coming at you, which is alright. The key is not to get caught up in them. In this context, they’re just brain ghosts, disturbing your repose. Then envision yourself enveloped in a soft bright light. At first, this might be tricky – in particular if you’re not used to visualization. Stay here for a while. Feel the light heal you. You might sense or see a presence in this light, perhaps an angel has a message for you. Listen. When you feel reinvigorated enough, let the bright light fade, and then slowly awaken your body and open up your eyes.

Don’t force yourself to feel or see anything, especially if you’re a complete novice. Just sitting in silence, quieting down the mind is good enough in the early stages. The rest will come naturally with time. Plus, not everybody is going to want to communicate with otherworldly beings, and that’s ok.

More on meditation

meditation Posted on Sun, January 21, 2018 00:25:01

Thinking through yesterday’s post, I realized I probably left a few points out. My reference to the Scientific American issue on meditation wasn’t to imply that science somehow has the final word for me. But science is important to me, despite it often being dogmatic and hostile towards spirituality. The other day, I had a scientist ask me to persuade them of my abilities, to which my response was that I’m not a cult. Back in the days, this kind of request would’ve infuriated me, but now it’s just amusing. To me science and spirituality aren’t antagonists, but rather holistically allies. My personal approach is to have an open but critical mind, which is a bit oxymoronic, I know.

But this isn’t really what I left out. I was going to recommend a meditation journal, to document impressions – whatever they might be. It doesn’t have to be written down, drawing works just as well. The are no rules for how to express yourself – grab a box of crayons and go wild! Also, leave expectations for what a meditation should be at the door. My personal experience is that every session is different. Some days 30 minutes feels like an eternity and others I do twice that. There is no need to pressure yourself through a session. Yes, it’s good to be disciplined, but there are days when you’re simply not in the mood – and that’s important to acknowledge. With that said, I generally think five minutes is too short for a meditation, so try to do at least 10 minutes initially. If you’re going rogue – not guided, don’t come down on yourself if you’re unable to quiet down the mind. Depending on your day, the meditation can be used to sort those thoughts out in a tranquil environment. Or pray. It’s a sacred moment, so savor it.

The mystery of meditation

meditation Posted on Sat, January 20, 2018 06:01:22

I tend to get a lot of questions regarding meditation. People approach me, usually with the best intentions, wondering how to get started and how it will never work for them, claiming their minds being to unruly to tame. Unrealistic expectations is what is at play here, as meditation, like most things in life, is a matter of discipline and exercise. I certainly didn’t start off sitting in silence for 30 mins right away, but built up to it in 5 minute increments over time. But it’s easy to get the impression, since meditation is the current buzzword and touted as the cure for all ills, that it’s a piece of cake. Well, it isn’t, and I know a few of the foremost mediums in the world who don’t like to meditate. Also one should be realistic of what meditation can achieve. The outlandish claims I sometimes read in spiritual publications are both laughable and concerning. Scientific American had a great issue out a couple of years on the documented benefits of meditation.

In addition, there is so many variations on meditations, it can be difficult to know where to start. I usually recommend guided meditations for novices. There’s a plethora of them on Youtube and Spotify. Many of them are aimed towards psychic and mediumship development. If I were to recommend one for budding mediums, I’d pick this one by Linda Hopkins (even though it’s long, but one can easily lay down while listening to it):